Everywhere You Go, There You Are #Tapping

Have you ever had something deep seeded into your psyche that has held you back? You’re not even sure where the fear or concern came from, but it’s there. How do you push forward and move on when you hit these barriers?

Well, recently a client and friend came to me with exactly this concern. She was generous enough to allow me to record our tapping session to share it with you guys. Check us out as we tap for change.

As I said in the video, moving forward doesn’t require delving deep into your mind to find out what caused the concern to happen in the first place. It simply requires you feel good about your decision to move forward. By spending time addressing her fear of lack of financial stability (something many of us share) through EFT, we were able to cut her fear in half. As we continue to tap through the issue, her confidence in herself and her choice to move forward will continue to grow, allowing her to move on. Isn’t that what we all want?

Is there anything you’re trying to move on from? I’m ready, willing and able to help. All you have to do is take the first step…reach out to me via Email, Twitter, Facebook….whichever way you feel comfortable.

If you live in Florida you’re also welcome to sit in on one of my upcoming lectures from 1pm-2pm at Richard’s Whole Foods in Bird Bay Plaza:

Friday, January 3rd – Why Is It So Difficult to Stick to Our New Years Resolutions?

Friday, February 7th – How to Make a Permanent Change In Your Life


Thinking Change On A Sunday Afternoon

Today I’m preparing for a seminar tomorrow, open to the public, at the Venice YMCA on Monday at 11:30am.

It’s Sunday afternoon. So far, today included my morning workout on the bike, making a dish for a pot luck dinner this evening at a friend’s house, and generally “putzing around” doing stuff I don’t have time to do during the week.

As I worked, I began thinking about habits. Why is it sooo difficult to change some of them in a lasting way?? When you break it down to simple biology, we are a “mish-mosh” of chemicals, electrical charges, DNA, helix-filled chromosome patterns, electrons, neutrons, protons and now according to quantum physics, quarks! Phew. What was I saying about change…?

There’s no doubt that we are creatures of habit. All of the above mentioned items? They fall into line and obey rules of patterning unconscious beliefs and actions. This creates what we know to be “ourselves”.

When we decide to do something differently, especially if there is some emotional resistance, it is a REALLY BIG DEAL. Wonder why many of us are unsuccessful in making change happen??? If you’re in Southwest Florida, come to tomorrow’s seminar and find out. The Y is on 701 Center Rd. in Venice. Just stop at the front desk and tell them you’re there for the 11:30 seminar on Change.

Fall and The Fast Lane

Image courtesy of Simon Howden/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of Simon Howden/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net


Headed to Boston to see the “fam” and hoped to meet up for coffee with my new blogging buddy Ande Lyons, but unfortunately some health stuff got in the way. Hope you’re feeling better, Ande.

Looking forward to some cool weather in New England: mulled cider, cripsy fall apples, pumpkin ice cream. Yum, Yum.

The gypsy spirit in me is happy to make this short journey to the North Country. YIPPEE!

I started a Webinar 7-week program called The Tapping Solution for Financial Success and Personal Fulfillment with Nick Ortner. I’m giving myself a little gift of self-care and introspection, and of course, lots of tapping. Practitioners have to work at “stuff” just as much as clients.

Life is a constant growing and unfolding process:

  •   Relieve Stress…
  •  Stop the Chatter in Our Brains…
  •  Enjoy the Moment (be aware)…
  •  Have a Clear Plan (be specific)….
  •  Develop Good Habits (tap, exercise, eat well, rest, and be creative)…

When we address the “blocks”, we release the realistic stuck-ness (problems), then positive BIG goals can be accomplished. We’re all human. We all have blocks. Part of the joy in my journey is helping others overcome some of their blocks, just as people have helped me!

So what kinds of blocks keep YOU out of the fast lane? Where do you look for help on your journey in life?


Travelling Through Life One Step At A Time

Take Charge

Do we wait until life hands us the next event, or do we act on where we want to go and how we want to grow?

Some say, “It’s all planned out in the big picture. We really don’t have any power over our destiny anyway. Just accept it.”

That may be true, but in my “little brain” (we use 3% of it, for goodness sakes) I choose to believe I have some power over my life. Or at least power over how I react to events and what I do with those reactions.

That being said, I believe pro-active is MY best road to a meaningful, happy life. Let’s get a grip here folks, we know we have ups and downs. It’s what we do with them that makes the difference. De we approach our downs as stumbling blocks or opportunity?

The first part of the summer was spent on my bike; my favorite place to be…but even then there were challenges. It was a long trip. I had nerves, weather and body aches and pains to contend with…. How did I respond? You tell me! Here’s the beginning of my trip, saying goodbye to my son….the end of the first day…

As I got deeper into my journey….I thought, why not share what I’m doing? It was scary, a little bit painful, but I had the time of my life!

As I arrived back from my bike adventure to Nova Scotia, I got off the plane to be met with humid, rainy (though beautiful skies) 90 degree weather. This meant spending a lot of time indoors (not my favorite place), under air conditioning (who can be without it in this climate).

Friends had flown away for the summer (smart cookies) and I’m left looking at the void (my least favorite existential condition)…..After 2 months of enduring this state of mind, I remembered that I could reframe the situation (what opportunity has this time presented for me) and decide what to do with the information.

HELL BABY, No more summers here!!! (Honestly I can be such a slow learner…and I won’t tell you how many years it took to come to this conclusion). The decision feels right. I love to travel. And even though the doubts and fears can be seen peeking out sometimes, I will willingly and creatively deal with them. It’s yet another step in living my dream on the road of life.

What are your dreams? What things do you feel hold you back from attaining them? What techniques have you used to overcome your challenges in life? Would you like to learn more? Feel free to reach out to me via my EFT Transitions Facebook page or follow me on Twitter.

Fear and Intuition


Image courtesy of dan/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of dan/FreeDigitalPhotos.net


Fear can be a paralyzing emotion. We are designed with a fight or flight response for our survival. However, if we remain in that overstimulated state after the danger is gone (cortisol overload) our bodies and minds suffer.

You have a tool to evaluate the situation. Is what you’re feeling imminent danger or an old pattern that runs through your brain like the 10 lane highway going into Miami?


Ask yourself because YOU KNOW! That’s your intuition talking, baby! Trust it even if it feels silly and illogical. Our brains can get in the way of moving forward, but our bodies know what we are feeling.

When is the last time you followed your intuition? What was the result? How did you feel? Was there a time you ignored it?

#Tapping Out The Negative

Courtesy of cheezburger.com

The ups and downs of life remind us that we are human….

In the middle of one of my “funks” my son called and asked where his ‘glass half full’ mother had gone??

“She’s watching movies and letting life pass her by,” I replied.

“Go to the gym,” he said.

“OK,” said I and continued to channel surf. It was pretty bleak.

Things seemed flat, my energy was low and I had the creative juice of a worm.

What I was reminded of as I was wallowing around in my ‘muck’ was that I had a CHOICE and could reframe the “reality” that was playing itself out before me. It was time to give myself an attitude adjustment.

I started ‘tapping’ out the negative.

“Even though I feel like crap, I forgive myself.”

I began to feel the energy move in my body and my mood lighten as I continued to tap through the point sequence.

Some time passed. My mood and energy level shifted a little more… I got off the couch and walked down to the beach (always another good way to move the ‘qi’).

It took a lot of tapping to “get out of my funk”, but I did. We all can go to that negative place where our demons dance around in front of us and we feel temporarily powerless over them. Yes, even the experts.

One universal truth remains. The only person who can change my attitude is me. Why choose to live a dull, boring life? There’s so much adventure to seek out and explore. That day, I took my fate into my own hands. No more sitting on the sidelines of my own couch. It’s time to embrace life.

What steps have you taken in your own life to embrace it? What can I do to help you? There’s nothing weak about acknowledging you may need a helping hand. Heck, in my case, my son had to kick my butt into gear.

My message today: This happens to all of us at one time or another…be easy with yourself, take a breath and let go of it. Tap it through if you can, or if you need some help, regardless of who or where you are, email me: susan.davis870@gmail.com.

Tapping’s Not Just A Song And Dance

Life is a series of changes; hopefully positive ones or ones that at least lead to growth and moving forward.

They say the only thing constant is change!

They say the only thing constant is change!

About 8 years ago a profound transition involving the introduction of an unusual technique designed to help people move through difficult times happened to me. As an Acupuncture Physician I know how “getting stuck” (pardon the pun) can prevent people from getting out of pain, change destructive behaviors like smoking, and manage chronic uncomfortable issues.



When I first witnessed EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or “tapping” as it’s commonly called, I was captivated when I realized that the formula included acupuncture points. Knowing the power and function of these points clearly demonstrated to me why the process was so powerful in assisting the person with their problems. I’d discovered that adding a verbalization to the tapping of acupressure points created results that were profound.

Blocked “energy”, I often tell patients, is nothing more than our electrical (or nervous) system blowing a circuit breaker. When the system has been reset the power is on and the energy is flowing.

There were times in my practice when a patient did not improve even though the diagnosis was correct and treatment was administered for the appropriate length of time. EFT answered my question as to WHY the acupuncture alone hadn’t worked.

Negative emotions, trauma and limiting beliefs are considered when engaging in this technique. The addition of this facet of treatment enables the patient to improve with immediate and visible results. Their posture changes, their facial expressions become more relaxed and their “symptoms” improve. My practice was forever changed.

As a point of fact, this summer I planned a bike trip from Florida to Maine, then on to Nova Scotia. Right before my trip I had a pretty big crash. My anxiety amped up. My fear grew. My body ached. I love biking. It’s one of my biggest passions, yet I was anxious and wondered if I should cancel my trip. I didn’t. Instead, I put my money where my mouth was and had an EFT session with myself. It calmed my nerves and helped me feel better.

The acupuncture points used in the “tapping” formula are traditionally spirit (emotional) and moving points. This mind/body technique, not only changed the focus of my practice, but presented a more holistically comprehensive and lasting option for patient success. There is such a joy in being able to help people change their lives and chase their dreams.

Have you ever heard of EFT? Tried tapping? What’s the biggest change you’d like to make in your life? Tapping’s not just a song and dance, you know (though that kind of tap is pretty phenomenal, too).

Living My Dream

I’m just as uncertain as the rest of you. Just as scared sometimes. Sometimes find myself staring wide eyed into the distance,  mind blank, frozen in time and space. Every day is uncharted territory for me and  for you. On an unclear, “existential” one, nothing much happens but wheel spinning and frustration. On a great day I seem to flow along in the rhythm of the moment and somehow connect that nowness to the timeless bliss of oneness. Wow! I didn’t understand THAT did you?? I can get grandeous when I feel myself soaring on those day….and like some of you, feel despair, ennui and even downright FEAR when I have an undirected, unpurposeful disconnected day.

What makes the difference between those two diametrically opposed experiences? When I remember (and this is soooo important) that this perception is MY choice. How I see the world through my eyes is my choice.( You know the Kia ad on t.v. with the “little furry  rappers” dancing to “YOU CAN DO THIS..OR…YOU CAN DO THAT”. When I first saw that ad I was hysterical and then thought “YES” that is the answer to the cosmic question “What now?” I think it can be that simple.)


Helicopter view of the north and south jetties…I love the view from this perspective. In the animal totem world I am a bird, soaring high over the landscape. This allows me to see the world as complete, orderly and balanced. It also reminds me of my place in it, a speck in the cosmos. Sometimes when I’m feeling all consumed in my ‘stuff” I like to be reminded that none of this really matters that much.